Strong leadership in a fun, safe environment makes happy pets.

Our Services

We always meet with prospective clients to better understand their needs. We make time to come to your home to meet you and your family. During the consultation, we’ll evaluate our dog’s basic knowledge of commands and temperament. If we’re meeting your kitty, you’ll familiarize us with their daily routine. We also have basic paperwork for you to complete.


Trail Expeditions

Day Care for Dogs

Whether it’s hiking in the beautiful Oakland Hills or taking in the sea air along the waterside of Jack London, we spend 45 minutes to an hour of pure enjoyment together. Reinforcement training, socializing, and basic trail etiquette are all part of the mental and physical routine. Your dog will be a happy dog, and a better behaved dog!


Packages are based on the number of walks per week, and monthly packages start at just $243. Some packages also include monthly baths, teeth brushing, and flea/tick application.*One of our specialties is C-P-R (Canine Program Review) where we collaborate with you to improve your relationship with your dog, especially a new adoption!

Pawderosa Puppy Preschool

Send your puppy to preschool and leave the hard work to the experts! Pawderosa Puppy Preschool is more than training, it's daycare. Your puppy will receive personal attention and consistent guidance in a safe environment. We’ll work with your puppy on the foundations of potty training, crate training and bite inhibition training. They'll also have the opportunity to socialize with other puppies, cats, and children, all while being exposed to environmental challenges, surfaces, sounds and shapes.


Space is limited and our waiting list fills up quick! Call us today to discuss a personalized package, and start your puppy on the right path. We'll take on all the challenges of puppy-hood every Monday-Friday and help you raise a happy, well-trained, healthy dog.

Our idea of doggie day care is for your dog to be out with us for two walks. They’ll spend their day romping, playing, and training in the fresh air. You’ll come home to a calm and peaceful house because a tired dog is a happy dog. Contact us for info on packages and pricing.

Dog Training

With 15+ years of professional handling experience, we've seen and met many challenges. We've taken many dog training classes, and worked with trainers to develop our technique and style. We have a broad and beautiful perspective about how dogs learn, and how to manage large groups and individuals. We're versed in a range of training styles, from basic training to leash pressure and E-collar training. Our greatest joy is facilitating better relationships between our clients and their four-legged friends.

Voted Best Pet Boarder

Kitty Care, and Other Small Animals

Planning a vacation or upcoming business trip? Let us take care of your kitty in the safety and familiar surroundings of your home, and we'll take the anxiety away for you and your feline friend. We’ll come to feed, play, and clean the littler box. We can also check mail, water plants, take out the trash, and turn lights on/off for security. $25.00 per visit on weekdays. $35.00 per visit on weekends. Special rates for holidays.