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If you have a new puppy or are thinking of bringing one home soon, think about enrolling them in Pawderosa Puppy Preschool and leave the hard work to the experts! It's more than daycare, it's training. Your puppy will receive personal attention, consistent leadership and trust in a safe, clean and social environment. We work with them to learn the basics, including potty training, kennel training and bite inhibition training. They'll also have the opportunity to socialize with other puppies, cats, chickens and kids, all while being supervised and supported.


Space is limited and our waiting list fills up quick! Call us today to discuss a personalized package, and start your puppy on the right path. We'll take on all the challenges of puppy-hood every Monday-Friday and help you raise a happy, well-trained, healthy dog.

Puppy Training & Daily Care Schedule

This handy schedule will help you plan ahead in caring for your new puppy. Follow the guide to help you establish a smooth daily routine to keep your puppy happy and your home in harmony.


After every puppy training session, we provide detailed notes and suggestions to the puppy's owner to help them integrate their new pet into the home. Fill out the form below to view a case study with field notes from a recent puppy training session.


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A Fun Kid-Friendly Experiment: How Puppies Use Thermal Conduction to Stay Warm

Have a puppy in the house? How about kiddos? Here is a fun experiment to do with your child on a rainy day that will give you both a whole new appreciation for your puppy's brilliant instincts to snuggle up on cold mornings!


Here are the materials you'll need:


Four glass jars

A long thermometer

Large cooking pot

A hammer and nail

Oven mitts

A towel

A stopwatch or timer

A piece of paper and a pen


The overall goal of the experiment is to track the difference in the water temperature and rate of cooling between a single jar of hot water sitting alone on the counter and three jars of hot water sitting in a group with their sides touching. This exemplifies why puppies and other warm-blooded animals will snuggle up in a group, or huddle to conserve their body heat and stay warm in the winter. When puppies cuddle, they're keeping their body temperatures up through a process called thermal conduction -- when heat is transferred from one object to another through direct contact.


Does your little pup like to snuggle under the covers or stay in bed long after you've had your morning cup of coffee? Well, now you know why! Since dogs, like people, love to stay warm, a fluffy comforter is a great stand-in for a litter of fellow puppies to huddle with.


Have fun with this experiment, and let us know how it went! [source]



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Tilden the Cat vs. Bob the Puppy

Watch as Tilden the cat shows the virtues of patience with a new puppy client who's relentless for affection and attention, regardless of species.

Puppy Preschool Excitement!

A new puppy client gets the lay of the land as he looks for confirmation from an adult!