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Golden Gate Retriever

Critical Mastiff

Off Doggie!

Sport some Bay Area style in our Golden Gate Retriever T-shirt! We love this shirt -- it's fun, sassy, and highlights one of the most adorable breeds, the Golden Retriever. Feel a connection to beautiful San Francisco and its famous landmark, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. We had fun creating it, and you'll love wearing it! Buy it for yourself, or give it as a gift!

Show your support for riding with the BIG dogs with our Critical Masstiff T-shirt! Admirers of the breed know the Mastiff is a loyal protector, and a dependable working dog. Critical Masstiff empowers us to get physical, and have some fun while being safe! That's the way he likes to roll! Buy it for yourself, or give it as a gift!


OFF DOGGIE is a patented training tool and method, that helps you teach your dog to

stay "off!" The footpad allows you to gain a quick and firm hold of your dog, while it's displaying unwanted behavior. Our training method will teach you to stop chasing or grabbing your dog, which only reinforces the jumping behavior.





Watch the Video to see our Off Doggie! in Action