Breed Selection

What Your Pets Represent About You

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

According to an online survey conducted by Career Builder, which reached more than 2,300 workers, pets have a greater impact on our lives than many of us may have previously thought. We've all heard the euphemism that says a pet's personality reflects that of its owner, but it turns out that pets might also reflect their owners' careers.  READ MORE

Got Affection? The 15 Friendliest Dog Breeds

Thursday, May 15, 2014

After a hard day, what do you look forward to most: taking a run with your pet, or curling up to snuggle together on the couch? If it's cuddling you crave out of your K9 friendship, then check out the list below of the most affectionate dog breeds. These 15 breeds are naturally inclined to love their owners with lots of licks, warmth and affection. Perhaps one of these is the right dog for you!  READ MORE

Which Dog Breed is Right for Your Family?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Selecting a dog that fits your family and your lifestyle is an important part of enjoying pet ownership. The main things you'll want to consider are the amount of space you have, the kind of environment you live in (urban vs. countryside), the level of activity you can accommodate for, and preferences in size and temperament.

Here is a good article that covers some of the basics of selecting the right dog breed. Although it's important that you love the dog you pick and feel drawn to it, it's really essential that you choose a dog that fits your lifestyle. Take some time to think about you living quarters and daily routine and how you will accommodate adding a new member to your family within these confines.  READ MORE

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