Our experience makes us pros, but our passion makes us a joy to work with.

About Pawderosa

Established in 1999, we're a home-grown family business in Oakland, CA. Whether out on walks or working with furry clients at home, you'll usually find a pet at our side -- we love animals and have always had many of our own.


We're seasoned professionals that provide exceptional care, reliable service, and expert guidance for all of your pet's training needs. We even have several patents on our exclusive dog training tools that we've created for clients, and we're truly committed to your four-legged friend and their well-being. You can count on us to support you and your pet!


Our philosophy in approach has always been simple: safety, love, trust and fun! Our years of hands-on experience is complimented by our investment of time and energy in getting trained by the industry's very best animal practitioners.


We've crafted our handling technique and style by blending the best of what we've seen to be the most effective. From puppy-hood to the gracefully aged, we know how dogs learn. It's what makes us exceptional trail walkers, pack leaders and pet advocates! Basic obedience and walking manners are always being worked on when we walk dogs entrusted to our care.


Just as with humans, first introductions leave a lasting impression! We take great care in introducing new canines to their play groups, and we can easily identify friends that will get along, or pals that are a little more independent. The years of success we've experienced make us committed to our group-handling method. We are licensed, insured, bonded and know the critical difference between a dog needing pet CPR or a kiss on the nose!

To this day our work ethic remains strong, guided by these principles:

Safety First

Provide professional and dependable service

Clean up on the trails and protect flora and fauna

Show common courtesy to everyone on the trails

Continue to educate ourselves to improve our client's relationship with their four-legged friends

Meet the Team

Jeannette Solay, Team Member

Jeannette is considered by her clients to be the cat whisperer. She grew up taking care of the neighborhood cats. Many clients are astounded by her ability to stay calm and develop a relationship with even the most nervous cats.


Jeannette is conscientious, reliable, and a very caring person. Her devotion to animals is he secret to happy clients. She works with old animals and is versed in administering medicine and shots.

Phil Falkell, Owner

Phil has been a professional dog handler for over 15 years. He has worked with an extensive number of dogs ranging in all ages, breeds, and personalities. He designs the outings based on the cohesiveness of the pack. He patiently works with each dog to learn what motivates them, keeping them responsive and safe. Phil pays close attention to the types of play between the dogs. He supports and rewards good social interaction amongst his packs.

Lori Solay, Owner

When Lori was a child, her big dream was to have a jeep and a German Shepherd. She would daydream about the adventures they would have together, hiking in the San Bernardino Mountains where she grew up.


Well, go figure, her life has turned out to be that, and so much more.




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    Jeanette has been an invaluable asset to the Pawderosa team. She walks the dog brigades in Jack London, cares for kitties, and is our spot-on office manager. Jeannette has been with Pawderosa for over 8 years, and if you see a family resemblance, that's because she and Lori are sisters!


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    Lori has been a professional dog handler and trainer for 15 years. She loves animals, and her unique specialty is teaching leadership to pet parents and families. Lori is passionate about helping build the best relationship possible, and she believes that the cornerstone of an excellent human/animal relationship is leadership.


    Lori always strives to create fun and simple methods for training. She is also very proud of the dog training tool, Off Doggie, she and her husband, Phil, invented to teach dogs to stop jumping.


    Lori's other passions have taken her into the study of the science of human potential. Currently, she is enrolled in a Master Practitioner's Program with Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP). This specialty is highly unique to the dog training world. With this background, Lori is able to help clients overcome their anxiety or trauma due to a bad dog experience. For example, if a client has experienced their dog exhibiting leash aggression or getting into a fight, they may be fearful to walk their dog.


    Lori would tell you that the best part of Pawderosa is that it's a family business. Her two boys have grown up around animals. They actively participate in the business and are now considered junior dog trainers. She's gotten a lot of joy out of seeing them learn compassion and kindness through all the animals they've spent time with over the years, which includes elderly dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, geckos, and chickens.


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    As a competitive athlete, Phil can safely meet the needs of younger, more energetic dogs as well as dogs with any physical limitations. He works with many of the dogs he handles for years and as they age, he adjusts their physical activity to ensure they're supported and healthy at every age.


    As an avid outdoorsman, Phil has a great respect for and love of nature, which keeps him hyperaware of what is taking place while working with the pack. Respecting wildlife and other park users is paramount. He understands the impact he and his dogs have on wildlife and practices proper trail etiquette, which means respecting wildlife and other park patrons, giving the right of way, cleaning up and keeping his pack under control as needed.


    Just as with dogs, Phil pays close attention to the needs of his human clients, helping them to establish structure, proper energy levels and good boundaries at home for their pets while also having fun! After all, a tired dog is a happy dog!


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